Wednesday, March 10, 2010


1509 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Hi Darling,

You may not know this about me but I am a tomboy at heart. I have no shame of rocking a pair of skinny jeans, a low cut tank top, and a pair of "all that" hi-tops. It can not be any pair of hi-tops, they must be out of the ordinary, colorful, and represent the entire outfit.

Well, the place that I like to go in Philly is UBIQ where I know that the sneakers will be unique. UBIQ boutique carries a small about of inventory, which is good thing. However, the down side behind that is once the sneaker is out of stock, say goodbye forever. UBIQ carries women and men sneakers but I find myself liking the men styles more.

UBIQ has been around for six years and they are one of 13 stores in the world that has a "Nike Tier Zero" account. Having that account shows that UBIQ boutique will have exclusive footwear to offer than any other sneaker store in Philadelphia.
UBIQ boutique is filled with Nike, Nike SB, Puma, Jordan Brand, Supra (NS Account), Adidas (Original by Orginal), Vans (Vans Volt - Specialty Shoe), Converse, and so much more.

In the back of the store, you will find an amazing assortment of clothes by hip designers like Original Fake, BBC by Pharrel Williams, Play Clothes by the Clipse, Stuffy, Nike, Nike SB, 10 Deep, Nike ACG, Ramson, and Undefeated.

In addition, UBIQ has a handful of sale associates with great customer service that are always willing to help.

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