Monday, February 22, 2010


Hi Darling,

Taher Chemirik is a name to remember. After graduating as an Architect. Mr. Chemirik changed his route and decided to study Fine Arts in Paris.

Pushing through, his jewelry has been acquired by the Musee National des Arts Decoratifs to be part of their permanent collection in Paris.

At one point of time, he designed costumes and accessories for the Opera de Paris. He became an apprentice in one of the traditional jewelry ateliers in Paris after leaving Ralph Lauren.

But his big break came when the infamous Karl Lagerfeld noticed his work and invited him to collaborate.

With that big break - he was able to work with Europe leading fashion designers.

He currently designs jewelry, accessories, and silverware collections for Parisian Maisons. He has also launched a sophisticated line of fine jewelry under his own brand.

Check out his complete line at - www.monsieurt-taherchemirik.net.

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