Monday, February 22, 2010


Untitled from Loza Maléombho on Vimeo.

Hi Darling,

I must tell you about this upcoming fashion designer named - Loza Maleombho.

Drawing since she was a toddler. Loza knew she had a talent. When she became a teenager she would design clothes and have a tailor make them. She would even design for relatives.

Ms. Maleombho attended the University of the Arts of Philadelphia for Animation. She used those animation classes for her advantage. Animation was perfect for her. Loza learned about the three dimensions of things, about movements, about structure and the most important thing geometry.

Loza quit her day job in 02/2009 to go on a two months trip to Cote d'Lvoire. During those two months she received nothing but blessings. Those blessings made her dream of becoming a Fashion Designer reality.

I must say that I love everything about her line -

the colors and how they blend with each other

the fabric

the texture of the fabric

the cut

It is purely African inspired fashion and I love it.

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