Thursday, May 20, 2010


Hi Darling,

I have things in my closet that I totally forget that I have ownership of. Funny right?

Last night I was in a rut because I didn't know what to wear for today and I wanted it to be casual - no heel day. So I sat on the side of my bed and looked into my closet and I immediately remembered that I purchased a pair of classic hi-top Nike sneaks.

I said to myself, Sherlock I think I've got it. So I put on a pair of Forever 21 tights, a white flowing tank top, my Christian Dior large frame shades in the color purple, my Swatch gold watch (love love love), and my gold and faux diamond star earrings. That's casual right? Well, take a look at my pics and tell me if I nailed the casual, styled, cute look. :)


H.Toufga said...
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H.Toufga said...

I liked the shirt, the earring almost all of it... Very nice simple and looking good in it!!

I like bloggers who often add their own photos to their posts..

You did well oxoxo

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