Friday, April 9, 2010


Hi Darling,

I am happy to hear that the amazing Brazilian beauty - Gisele Bundchen is taking her care to the next level. Directing her eyes on a new project that will help us all (women and young girls) to have the beauty and radiance we craze but not from toxic creams or any other non-natural products. But from her skin care line called www.Sejaa.com which means "to be" in Portuguese. Sejaa is a eco-friendly skin care with ingredients that are held to a high standard of purity, the preservative is coconut oil.

You can not find the skin care line in any of our favorite department stores. You must go directly to Gisele's web site to purchase the skin care line. There you will find a day cream, a night cream, a mud mask, and a pure skincare kit. The price of the products range from $56 for the mud mask up to $120 for the skincare kit. All will last for two months.


Elea Carey said...

I'm always happy to see Gisele combining the good life with the healthy life.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

......Party hopping and having a blast.....so many great blogs....I have a Fun $100 Gift Basket to give away and all it takes a comment.
I am number....294 and 295.....Stop by and see me at either blog...Happy Saturday!


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