Friday, March 26, 2010


Face Makeup by Make Up For Ever at ShopStyle

Hi Darling,

When I find a new dress, a cheap deal, or something that will enhance my life - I like to share my findings.

One of my most kept secrets that I love and is willing to share with you is Make Up For Ever High Definition Foundation. Make Up For Ever is an incredible brand. This foundation will blow you away with its invisible coverage.

I've been using this brand for almost a year or so. Since I am getting older - 37 years old next month. My skin is changing, everything is changing. So the foundation I use to wear from another brand I will not mention, just doesn't do it anymore.

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation is worth the price - $40. It will last for 4 months(really!!!), you only need a small amount, it goes on light, and it will not clog pores.

This foundation has everything you want - flawless coverage and an extremely natural finish. The Sericite contained in this foundation heightens the diffusion of light and intensifies the glow of the skin. This foundation is smooth and has an elastic texture that makes it easy to apply and a pleasure to wear. Skin texture is refined to give a very natural complexion. Its dermatologist tested and it is oil free and that is very important to me.

This foundation is what creates my entire mood for each day. It enhances my beauty, it gives me an all over even coverage, and people are amazed to hear that I actually have foundation on.

Click on the icon below to view the complete line at www.shopstyle.com. You can also find this product at your local www.sephora.com store. Try it and you will never want to use another foundation.


yonca said...

Sound a good product. It's a little expensive but I'm sure it's worth it!
Have a great weekend!

"Mom" at Tiny Green Mom said...

This sounds like a fabulous product - where is it available? Thanks!

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