Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Boots by Hunter at ShopStyle


I absolutely love the Spring time but I forget what comes with it.


And a lot of it.

For the past two days it has been raining non-stop here in Philadelphia. And with this weather you don't want to be stylish. In fact, you don't even want to go outside.

Have no fear but Taiyon's Image is here to reprogram you on how to be stylish in the mist of the storm.

You can put on a cute pair of black skinny jeans or black tights, with these amazing Hunter 'Original Short' Rain Boots (pictured above) and a short trench or a short colorful water repellent jacket with an umbrella to go singing in the rain. lol

Click on the small icon below to see the many styles by Hunter. You can also find the rain boot that is calling you and order them straight from Shopstyle.com.
Check it out.


The luck arches the closing ozone.

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