Saturday, March 20, 2010


Hi Darling,

If you love M-A-C Cosmetics like I do. Well, you are going to love them even more. Do you ever questioned yourself of what to do with your old M-A-C makeup containers like the lip gloss tubes or your eyeshadow compacts. Yeah - You should get rid of them for hygiene purposes. But do you ever wonder if you can recycle them.

I am here to tell you that you can recycle your M-A-C primary packaging. When you have six M-A-C primary packaging (lip gloss tubes, lipstick, eyeshadow compacts). You can take them to your nearest M-A-C stores or ship them to their main headquarters. *I prefer going straight to their stores.* Once you submit your old makeup containers, in return you will receive a new tube of lipstick of your choice. How cool is that!!!

You are helping the environment and getting something free and pretty in return.

Run, don't walk to a M-A-C counter nearest you.


Saylor said...

I love MAC and agree - it is a great program. I didn't know about the free lipstick - I love that!

Anonymous said...

Wow! that's great a deal! But I am not sure if it is on here as well.

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