Friday, February 26, 2010


Philly Cupcake
1132 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Hi Darling,
I must tell you that I have a weakness for cupcakes. I only treasure vanilla cupcakes and vanilla icing on top. The icing has to be perfect in taste. It cannot have a sweet after taste. Yes, I want to taste the sweetness but a tiny bit of it. Well, the other day I was making my rounds in town and decided to stop at my favorite bakery.
However, something told me to press through and not stop there. I am glad that I listened to my instinct.
Trying to avoid the graving, I came across a cool bakery called the Philly Cupcake. From a distance, you think it is some kind of jewelry store but as you get closer, you realize that it is delicious cupcakes being stored in giant "Marie Antoinette" style cabinets.
The cupcakes are very good, $3.00 a pop, and oh so worth it. The icing is to my liking and the cubcakes are fresh where you can taste every ingredient.

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