Friday, September 7, 2007



I got a chance to view Miss Sixty Spring'08 fashion show. All I can say is, beam me up Scottie. Each piece was fun, sexy, and cool. I felt that the audience including myself was ready to book our flight to Mars.

The soft metallic pants and minis was sharp, I can so see myself wearing them. The chiffon tops with the metallic straps was to die for. And the tribal slash Queen of Venus necklaces were oh so amazing as well. I loved, loved, loved the show.

There was this one top that looked like a puffy pillow with the back of it cut out like a square shape. It had the silver metallic trim. It was over a cream or white denim mini I believe. That was sooooooooo sexy.
Oh, baby that was sexy!
The swimsuits, the jeans that was cut to perfection, and the mini of minis were ready to explode with so much sexiness.
I can go on and on about Miss Sixty's collection for Spring'08. But I do know for sure that I am ready for lift off.

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