Sunday, September 16, 2007



When I think of Halston, I think of the retro era where models who were chosen to display the fabulous garments were fierce and the clothes were phenomenal. I can think back to my mother dinner parties where she would dress as if she stepped out of a Halston look book. It was something about the layout of Halston's editorials. The editorials were constructed reflecting the brilliance of the photographer of that time, the model's makeup, the styling of the hair, and the background of the shoot, resonating the rawness of the 70's.

Mr. Zanini having been credited as a former Dontella's top assistant, I believe he can pull it off as being the main force for bringing back a familiar name and that elegance that Halston was known for, especially with the advisory team that consists of Tamara Mellon ( founder of Jimmy Choo), and Rachel Zoe (Celebrity Stylist).

Well, if what I believe is anything to live by, my feeling is that the new creative director by the name of Marco Zanini is the optimal candidate to re-brand the Halston line.

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